CELLA by ecoid

April 14, 2014

Landscape design company ecoid have created CELLA, a product designed to house moss and other small plants.

You can watch a video – here 






Project description

Cella is a new, creative product designed to bring urban people closer to nature. It is specially constructed of flexible, lightweight plastic to house moss and small plants. Cella creates a microclimate that allows them to thrive both indoors and outdoors. Cella is uniquely adaptable in that it can be attached to walls and roofs, or simply stand alone. This portable, self-contained habitat comes in different sizes and can be linked with other units.

Based on advanced understanding about moss, ecoid team developed Cella from a green roof research project called “Mosspebble” at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. Because moss gathers all of its nutrients from the air, it requires certain levels of wind, shade and moisture. However, it doesn’t need soil. Instead, it is observed that moss seems to thrive on rocks and pebbles – their porous surfaces are perfect for growth. This inspired Cella’s unique design. After four years of care ful observation and modification, Cella has been perfected to the lightweight, contemporary model. The sizes and shapes are carefully considered in order to create heterogeneous environment for moss to be adapted successfully.

Cella’s unique ability to create the optimal microclimate for moss and plug plants make it adaptable to all kinds of environments. The small, organic form of the units make efficient use of space to fit a garden in an urban home or apartment, and can be installed on any surface. There are no limits to your landscaping visions – grow a traditional garden on the floor, or have it climb up the walls and hang from the ceiling.

You can see their Kickstarter Campaign – here

Design: ecoid