These Concrete Lights Look Like They’re Split In Two

October 31, 2016

These Modern Concrete Lights Look Like They Have Been Split In Two


Designed by Dror Kaspi of Ardoma Design, are these concrete and aluminum lights that come in two variations, a pendant light, called Split, and a table lamp, called Release.

The design of the partially split concrete cylinder reveals a glowing light from the inside, which was intended to demonstrate the contrast between the roughness of concrete and softness of light.


This Modern Concrete Pendant Light Looks Like It's Been Split In Two

The aluminum bases of the lamps come in either silver, emphasizing roughness and resistance, or one of three pastel colors, emphasizing softness and gentleness. The multiple bases also allow the lights to fit into any room decor style.

This Modern Concrete Table Lamp Looks Like It's Been Split In Two