Consuelo Jorge Designs An Apartment For An Art Collector In Brazil

February 19, 2015

Architect Consuelo Jorge has sent us her latest project, a home for an art collector in Brazil.


The architect’s description

The main challenge in the development of this project was having to transform this apartment into a place where family and art could live together in harmony. The chief concern was to shelter the works of art in a modern bold ambiance without leaving aside the coziness and playfulness of a home, thus valuing the life history of its dweller.


The entrance sets the tone of what is to be seen in the rest of the apartment. The tunnel, which is an element of transition between the inside and the outside, arises from the desire of not having a conventional door but of creating a connection that would discreetly lead to the interior of the apartment. The tunnel was done in certified Finnish Pinus wood with the finishing in matte acrylic paint and biometric door lock.


The works of art, spread all around, stand on baiteg blue Limestone floor, giving you a feel of being in an art gallery. In the entrance, there are paintings by Frans Krajberg, Iberê Camargo and Tomie Otahke, a XII century chair, a pulpit by master Valentin, installations by Mira Schendel and the Angel Ramirez





Architect: Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos Associados
Photography by Fran Parente