Courtyard House by Tim Cuppett Architects

October 15, 2014

Tim Cuppett Architects have designed the Courtyard House in Austin, Texas.






2013 AIA Austin Homes Tour



From the architects

Inspired by early Modernist and Bauhaus era architecture, this one room deep house is organized along an L-shaped window wall which offers each space a connection to a central courtyard and a balance of natural light from multiple sides. The street facing courtyard and transparent first floor are made private as the house is perched on a plinth above passersby.

With little protection from shading trees, exaggerated overhangs help protect the transparent façade and provide continuous outdoor living space between interior and courtyard. Simple, well-crafted details are carefully edited so as not to compete with the texture and reflections of the true divided lite steel windows.

Design: Tim Cuppett Architects

Photography by Whit Preston and Atelier Wong Photography