Dunes Bowl by Alessandro Isola

April 26, 2014

Alessandro Isola has used 3D printing to create the Dunes Bowl.







From the designer

By taking simple everyday objects such as bowls and serving trays the design reinterprets them in a more contemporary form by morphing them together to create a sculptural piece.

The shape was inspired by organic, free flowing forms such as sand dunes. The two concave sections are in different sizes to hold aperitif snacks, hors d’oesurves or fresh fruit.

Dunes has been produced using the 3D printing technique with laser sintered nylon powder. In order to minimize the use of material, the object has been perforated so that it is solid only where necessary.

The object does not sit flat on a surface but has two points of support with the third support becoming the edge. Assuming an inclination that puts emphasis on the light effect creating shadows.

Design: Alessandro Isola