December 1, 2014

KISSMIKLOS has designed Emmaroz, a women’s tailor and clothing store in Szeged, Hungary.











From the designers

My inspiration for the interior design was femininity, purity and an original salon atmosphere. Entering through the door the customer is greeted by an imposing space, its center is a monumental architecture object, a staircase that leads to the gallery. The structure is similar to a loom. The vast chandelier has the same effect, it hangs above the receptionist’s desk. Other parts of the interior have a classic style in mind. There’s also a cafe corner, where people can talk or read. On the Provence styled table there’s a plate that is usually used for cakes, here it’s decorated with colorful yarns. They look like macaroons from the distance. This association is on purpose, the connection of confectionery and fashion fits this place very well, subtle yet feminine. Up to date fashion magazines and books are making our waiting time much more pleasant with little architecture details like the drawers on the wall – functioning as bookcases. For children you can also find a swing here, it’s a really important point in the design, the place got its name from the owner’s daughter, Emmaroza. The space is mainly white, with yellow retro easy-chair and a yellow staircase.

On the gallery you find a room where they adjust sizes of clothing. There’s a fitting room, yellow retro easy-chairs, and a shelf with the clients’ folders. A white curtain and a short corridor divides the space where the sewing room is. This area is reserved for the tailors.

Under the gallery there’s the designer shop. Emmaroz produces several clothing items for fashion designers – so we decided that it should have a place where they can sell them too.

At the front of the shop is the fitting room with a classical yellow piano chair, the restrooms with a sign above the mirror – you are beautiful -, and the sewing area.

The interior design is a mash up of the 19th century classic style and the beginning of the 20th century, the usual salon atmosphere, mixing it with a modern architectural design.

Szeged is a really pleasant and sweet town, with plenty of university students. We envisioned a place where tourists and design fans would also like to visit, even just for a photo. This tailor could find a way to be at any huge town’s fashion district, in Szeged it could become a meeting point for fans of fashion and design.

Photography by Bálint Jaksa