This Family Lives Inside A Giant Greenhouse

March 10, 2016

This Dutch Family Lives In A Giant Greenhouse

Photography © @greenhouse_living


Imagine that you’re a family of 5 (2 parents, 2 teenagers and a dog), and you want to live off the food you grow yourself, but you also want to live in the city.

This is exactly what the Scholten family have achieved, with some help from Rotterdam University, which was looking for a family to test the experimental houses they were building, that are both a place to live, as well as grow the food for the family.

The Scholten family applied straight away and were accepted. They moved into this greenhouse made of wood and glass in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 2015.

The greenhouse was perfect for the family, as Helly Scholten is a ‘botanical stylist’, who decorates photo shoots and events with plants.

The home has an edible roof, where the family can grow vegetables. There are also rain tanks for water collection.

The home is filled with all the typical furniture you would find in any other home.

As well as a kitchen for preparing all the food they’re growing.

There’s enough space to grow a large variety of plants.

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The family will live in the greenhouse until the project is completed in 2018.

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