Friska Foodhallen Amsterdam by VanOmmeren Architects

October 28, 2014

VanOmmeren Architects have designed Friska, one of 25 food kiosks in a food hall in Amsterdam.






From the architect

The former tram depot gives place to 25 food kiosks, among them is the first Friska shop. As Friska’s design partner, VanOmmeren architecten is responsible for the architectural identity of all the Dutch Friska shops. The starting point for each of the design aspects is the use of commonly available materials, designed in a way that they explain the Friska way of life.

In case of the Amsterdam Foodhallen, the modular framework is applied as a piece of furniture in which Friska employees work more privately in a subtle way, maintaining the lively character of the Friska brand.

Affordable tailor made design. Most important starting point of the design is the use of commonly available materials in a tailormade way using contemporary production methods. Whether it is the interior, the furniture or the specially developed ‘Friska tasting tablets’, they all express the Friska way of life.

Architect: VanOmmeren Architects
Photography by Buro Jonas