Graphite Penthouse by Denis Rakaev

October 25, 2014

Denis Rakaev has recently completed the interior design of a contemporary penthouse apartment in Kiev, Ukraine.













From the designer

The interior should be perceived unified and monolithic – this is the main idea of ??the project. Going into any of the premises, whether dining or bathroom, a person must realize that he is in one of the zones of a common space, so the interior is in the same vein as stylistically and coloristic. My goal was to create an interior in which no random lines, interior, light for visual perception and comfort for life – it is these qualities of the interior, in my opinion, make it really expensive.

Owners of apartments with excellent quality and practical things, plus love to travel. Interior fully displays the worldview of their owners. Strict purism is diluted with warm ethno. Reception at which combines simple, rectilinear forms with decorative motifs and curvilinear ethnic, creates a unique effect of detachment from the bustle of the big city. I love to use in interiors wooden 3D panel simulating ornamental carving. And in this project, this decorative element plays a role in the formation of a special spirit of the interior, filling it with warmth and overflowing rezbl?nogo tree.

To achieve the necessary space living room, was to combine the three rooms: kitchen, bathroom and a balcony, which was subsequently species bay window offering stunning views from a height of 26 floors of the waterfront and the Dnieper.

The walls are covered with panels master bedroom of genuine leather. Besides the aesthetics inherent in the car interior, this finish has helped solve the problem of sound insulation required. Ceilings, as well as floors, wood-paneled, windows dense graphite curtains – at any time in the bedroom can create a nocturnal gloom.

Bathroom, this is the first room that we see, waking up in the morning. Bathroom sustained in graphite gray and soft play of light and shadows from the lamp-laced cocoons spare sensitive eyes in the morning.

Design: Denis Rakaev
Photography by Andrey Avdeenko