Holiday House by Bloem and Lemstra Architects

November 19, 2014

Bloem and Lemstra Architects have designed a small holiday house on the Dutch island ‘Vlieland’.







From the architects

The owner wanted a weekend house that was light and open with nice views to the surroundings.

The architect made a clear and simple concept. The rooms where light and openness is not important are placed on the north side. These are the bedrooms and the bathroom and toilet. On the sunny south side there is the living. The living had two sets of doors that can completely be opened. In summer when the doors are open, inside is outside.

The local building restrictions allowed a house 600 sq feet and extension of 65 sq feet. In contrary to all the other house Bloem and Lemstra Architects placed the extension in front of the house in stat of in the back. The extension gives some privacy from the road and is the entrance to the house in the winter and the kitchen closed are placed in this kube.

The house contains some subtle details, the front door is in the same wood as the kube it is in, the floor continues from inside to outside and the inside doors are frameless.

Architect: Bloem and Lemstra Architects