House Nara-zaka by Yoshiaki Yamashita

September 20, 2014

Architect Yoshiaki Yamashita has designed a private residence in Nara, Japan.
















From the architect

The site is located in the Todaiji Temple near Nara. The house is located on the slope of a hill and it has a great view. This home is for a couple without children.

It is a two-storey house with a basement. The structure of underground is RC, and the structure of ground floor is a steel frame. The underground space is the area for the husband to enjoy the hobby of oil painting. On the first floor there is a bedroom and utility room for his wife. The second floor has the kitchen,dining,living room and bathroom. The view from the second floor also is a great. There is also a roof terrace with a view.

White walls facade is the result of considering the privacy. But we have floated lightly roof so as not to be too closed.

We have also considered the structure so as not to impair the view. So we provided a thin pillar on the view side and we provided a frame to withstand the earthquakes on the opposite side with a panoramic view. Dimensions of the pillars of the iron in the corner of the living room is just 75mm × 75mm.

We have also considered environment. The crushed stone under the floor of the basement warmed by the midnight power, it warms the building frame without using electric power of the daytime. The dry area as moisture protection of underground generates the cool air in the summer. We considered to send this cold air to the second floor by a simple fan in order to mitigate the heat of the roof directly under. And we provided a rainwater pit so that it can be used in home gardens.

They retired from work at the same time as the completion of this house and we hope that they will enjoy the rest of their life in this house.

Architect: Yoshiaki Yamashita

Photography by Eiji Tomita