Huize Vreeburg by Hilberinkbosch Architecten

June 11, 2014

Hilberinkbosch Architecten have recently completed the restoration and extension of Huize Vreeburg, located in Rosmalen, The Netherlands.








Project description

Huize Vreeburg in Rosmalen is a building with a rich history and recognizable located on the corner of a major road through the village. It has in the past, among other things, served as a post office and in recent years was used as a residence.

Sonder Jansen, an international importer, exporter and producer of frozen fruit and vegetables, acquired the property because of its distinctive appearance and wanted to establish his headquarters here. The villa is fully restored and treated with respect to the austere appearance of the villa. The villa houses a conference room, executive offices and the canteen and on the first floor offers space for an apartment where foreign guests of this international trade office can stay. A new staircase provides the necessary grandeur in the interior. The old villa as the new face of the company.

The workplace where all the trading takes place, is located in a round pavilion which is situated in the middle of the park and garden. It consists of a floating slab on which a wooden structure with a large free span bears a tin roof. Because the pavilion is fully glazed round, it offers a beautiful view of the villa and garden, while the large overhang provides enough shade on sunny days. This pavilion is the heart of the company.

The brick archive corridor with its sharp edges connects the pavilion and the old villa, a dark space with exciting vistas. Because of its shape it provides the much needed rest in the garden at this busy location.

Architect: Hilberinkbosch Architecten
Project Architect: Geert Bosch, Annemariken Hilberink
Collaborators: Jochem Heijmans, Roel Gevers, Iggie Dekkers, Jaap Janssen
Landscape Design: Anne Laansma ontwerpburo voor tuinen, Esch
Table Design: Roderick Vos, ’s-Hertogenbosch

Photography by Rene de Wit / Rene van der Hulst