Kulle by Stefanie Schissler

January 27, 2014

German designer Stefanie Schissler has created a day bed with a bumpy surface named Kulle.





Description from the designer

Kulle was created to evoke the instinctive feelings of safety and relaxation.

It is addressing our sense of touch combined with curiosity and the desire to explore things.

In order to prevent the increasing consumption we as designers should think of new ways to enhance the lifespans of the products in our everyday life.

Persistence means sustainability. But how does one achieve a long-life cycle when it comes to the products we’re surrounded by.

I believe, that one way could be to emotionally connect.

Referring to this, Kulle is aiming for an emotional connection with raising feelings in its owner.

The remarkable design of the daybed should tempt people to explore it, which is the first step to a personal relationship. By touching and trying it, one should finally be positively affected and fascinated by the new kind of upholstery it has.

The overall goal of the project was, to create a relaxation place, that invites you with its appearance; you should almost feel the comfort just by looking at it.

Design: Stefanie Schissler