Nikita Bukoros designs a new bar stool inspired by Japanese culture

January 23, 2015

Nikita Bukoros, of the Ukrainian design bureau ODESD2, has designed the E1 bar stool. Made of steel and wood, the bar stool is inspired by Nikita’s admiration for a variety of Japanese cultural arts, such as calligraphy, tea drinking, bonsai, and the art of making weapons.


Description from the designers:

Design bureau ODESD2 proudly presents our like-minded Nikita Bukoros’ first step on the creative path. Nikita has become the first designer who started cooperation with our bureau. He learned all the technical intricacies of creation and production of furniture during the work on the object and finalized his idea to the ability of its physical embodiment.


As a true admirer of Japanese culture, Nikita has created the object that is on the edge of several arts: calligraphy, tea drinking, bonsai, the art of making weapons. The extremely simple appearance hides the story of inspiration and extraordinarily hard work. Thin edges of the chair form the most reliable steel base. The wooden seat is in balance with it by adding warmth to a cold metal.


Design by Nikita Bukoros of ODESD2 Design Bureau