Oszkar Vagi Designs The “Little Nest” Felt Cradle

April 28, 2015

Budapest-based designer Oszkar Vagi has created Little Nest, a hanging cradle made from felt and leather.

 Little Nest By Oszkar Vagi

The designer’s description

Egg? Cocoon? Capsule? Cradle!

Shaped out of one single wool felt piece, the cradle hugs around the baby as a protective shell taking care of their peaceful rest.

 Little Nest By Oszkar Vagi

Due to perfectly simple geometry, 100% natural materials and the single-point suspension, babies can enjoy gentle care very similar to what they experienced prior to their birth.

 Little Nest By Oszkar Vagi

The cradle reacts to every move and wiggle the baby makes and calms them down with gentle swaying.

Design: Oszkar Vagi | o-bjekt design