POT.PURRI by 3 Dots Collective

March 31, 2014

3 Dots Collective will introduce the POT.PURRI collection at Ventura Lambrate in Milan next month.





From the designers

POT.PURRI is a mixture or collection of miscellaneous or diverse items. A combination of incongruous things.

For us it is a collection of small, modular containers, designed with some basic parts that through various materials and combinations can construct more than 50 unique objects with different shapes and capacities, from lamps to tableware.

Inspired by the ambition of ‘cutting distance’ between design and material and ‘fluctuating shapes’ as our expression of contemporary deisgn, the project is cultivated around the concept of modularity and the customization.

This new approach towards the flexibility of the pieces fusion with the constant possibility of upgrading or changing, focuses at a wide spectrum of new users.

The project allows the user to mix and match shapes, materials and colors. We shaped the concept based on modular elements, with different dimensions and diameters that can be mutually paired and combined consequently, providing unlimited possibilities.

Designers: 3 Dots Collective