Suite Novotel by Constance Guisset

December 14, 2014

French designer Constance Guisset has created a new concept for Suite Novotel in The Hague, Netherlands.






From the designer

Thinking the hotel as a home.
Bringing everyday comfort to a public place.
Offering open spaces to share.
Suggesting intimacy, inviting the host to let be enveloped by seats, lighting and objects. Making them familiar.
Integrating technicality, concealing the edges.
Taming dematerialization.
Playing with formal languages.
Cutting corners, softening the lines, adopting colors.
Choosing simplicity. Creating a joyful and peaceful atmosphere.
Welcoming professionals as well as families.
Imagining a worldwide deployable concept.
Making it real in The Hague and Paris.

Imagined and achieved for Accor Suite Novotel hotels.

Design: Constance Guisset
Photography by ©Photo Guisset