These new cloud-like sculptures are constantly changing throughout the day

October 15, 2015

Nebulous by Dan Corson / Corson Studios LLC

Artist Dan Corson has recently installed Nebulous, a new kinetic sculpture that hangs in the plaza outside the offices in Seattle, Washington.

When describing his piece, Dan mentions,

Seattle is known for its inclement weather and history of computer innovation. The climate is changing, both environmentally and technologically. We are currently shifting from our analog “hard copy” world and local computer storage to “cloud-based” systems. The intricacy of these systems eludes most software users and yet clouds of radio waves constantly transport masses of information all around us.

The two large pixelated cloud forms, inspired by this evolution in technology, float over the Amazon plaza with two solar lighting “shadows” imbedded in the pavement below. Neither fully transparent nor fully opaque, these “low res” clouds have select glass discs that shift between levels of opacity in a digital dance resembling old school calculating computers or perhaps pulsing lightning within clouds on a stormy night.

Watch a video to see ‘Nebulous’ in action