This children’s day care has a facade of bold blocky shapes that give hints at the fun to be had inside

January 21, 2015

Kadawittfeldarchitektur have designed this children’s day care center on the property of the Beiersdorf AG offices in Hamburg, Germany.







Description from the architects:

The two-storey building located on the edge of a park-like green space of the inner-city area of company Beiersdorf AG in Hamburg- Eimsbüttel . The rectangular building is organized around a very compact two-storey central multipurpose room that serves as a games room and lounge area . Inspired by the history of Beiersdorf AG , the appearance of Kita Beiersdorf derives from the abstract sense of the workings of a pharmacist cabinet. As a shelf -like structure, the facade in a variety of functions and requirements may react and can at the same time by a generous glass of group and lounges create a bright and transparent environment that offers the best conditions for playing and for pedagogical work .
Divided , false colored frame and make the façade on the outside and give children orientation and identification with their groups. From the interior of available you can find a complement in varied game elements that encourage as platforms, boxes, sitting and climbing objects the child’s imagination.

Architecture: Kadawittfeldarchitektur

Photography by Werner Huthmacher