This L.A. Studio Creates Fun And Colorful Balloon Installations

July 7, 2016

Bright, fun and colorful balloon art installations by GERONIMO

With her mission statement being to bring “a little piece of wonder” into the lives of others, Jihan Zencirli created Geronimo Balloons.

Started in 2011, Jihan and her team use giant colorful balloons to create elaborate decorations, backdrops, and company branding.

Rather than focusing on just creating a beautiful or aesthetically pleasing visual product, Jihan aims to create a feeling of wonder and delight inside of her audience by producing creations they don’t see everyday.

While the company was doing just fine on it’s own, a few mentions by celebrities and a custom installation for a secret concert gave the business a boost and made them the go-to balloon and decoration company in LA.

See some of their installations below, and check out their website and Instagram to see more.