This Lamp Will Turn Itself Off If It’s Not Needed

February 6, 2015

Berlin-based product designer Weng Xinyu has created Angry Lamp, a speculative design concept lamp that pulls its own cord to turn itself off when it’s not needed.

Watch a video about it on Vimeo – here.


The designer’s description

Do products always have to satisfy the users? How can products that purposely made not so useful affect our perception and understanding of it? How can designers deliver ideas through products?


In this project, I try to create a series of products that are not so useful but have good intentioned messages inside, as to explore the purpose and future of product design.


Angry Lamp is a human-like lamp with character. It keeps an eye on how people use energy. If it’s too bright, or if another lamp is already on, it will turn off immediately. It also turn off if the user forgets about it.

Graduation project supervised by Professor Wolfgang Sattler and Kristian Gohlke at Bauhaus University Weimar


Design: Weng Xinyu