Twister Set by Rebob Design

May 6, 2014

Rebob Design have created the Twister Set, a unique wall decoration made from ceramic.








From the designers

This playful item can lead to countless compositions. Depending on space and taste you can decide how many sets you want to buy and make a beautiful composition on your wall. The inside of the biggest (open) ball has the same color as the small colored ball. Twister will give you delight and happiness and a beautiful sight on your wall. You will receive an instruction how to hang the set and also hooks will be included.

The Twister Set is handmade in our workshop. The set contains 6 porcelain balls with various diameters which are made from slip cast, dried, sanded and partially sprayed with a colored terra sigillata (slip cast with pigments) and then fired on 1230 degrees Celsius in a support mold.

Design: Rebob Design