Villa Kavel 1 by Studioninedots

April 2, 2014

Studioninedots have designed a home on an island near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.










Project description

The location is special. It is a new and green constructed island situated in the North of Holland and close to the centre of Amsterdam. The island will be filled with exclusive villas and a tennis club. Kavel 1 occupies the most exceptional spot. This diamond shaped plot lies at the tip of the island surrounded by water with spectacular views over the park. We started with an abstract concrete volume that mainly follows the form of the site. Due to its shape, the building will be experienced differently from every side. Sometimes narrow and sharp. Sometimes massive and wide.

By introducing a spectacular concrete structure we made it possible to create a ground floor plan with maximum transparency, without any columns. This transparency increases the interaction with nature and the relationship between inside and outside. On the south side the glass facade is bended inward, creating an intimate and covered terrace. The contrast between the concrete facades and the folding glass reflect the changes of the nature around.

Design: Studioninedots

Photography by Peter Cuypers