Why is there a burnt piece of bamboo inside this new water bottle?

November 9, 2015
Glass water bottle with a charred bamboo filter.

A team of London-based designers from BU Home wanted to create a new reusable water bottle that eliminates the use of disposable plastic, as much as possible. They also wanted their bottles to have a filter for the water, but filters, which are usually charcoal-based, are normally encased in plastic, which is thrown away. So they developed a more natural solution that has a charred piece of bamboo suspended inside the bottle.

Glass water bottle with a wood cap and a charred bamboo filter.

According to the designers, the bamboo charcoal filter removes chemicals and bad odors from tap water. It’s a similar idea to what BRITA filters do, except this design doesn’t involve throwing away plastic.

A charred bamboo stick acts as a water filter.

You fill the bottle like you would with any other water bottle. The water filters through the replaceable charcoal bamboo stick, before flowing into the bottle, ready to drink.

Glass water bottle with a charred bamboo filter.