This Is A Thing – Bathroom Tiles That Look Like A Giraffe

If you’re like us, you probably didn’t know this was a thing, but now you do. The bathroom tiles in this home by De Bever Architects, make the room look like a giraffe.

So the next time you’re thinking of what tile you could cover your walls with, forget the tiles that look like monkeys or hippos, because we all know the only correct choice from now on are the giraffe tiles.

Giraffe Tiles

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This House Built Down Instead Of Up

Local building rules in this Dutch village didn’t allow homes to be built very high, so Coenen Sättele Architects decided to carve out some of the land, and build down instead.

Contemporary dutch home

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Design Detail – Creative Kids Room Shelving

The children’s room in this home by MPR Design Group, includes a wall of fun creative custom shelves, that have a variety of sizes and shapes for storing toys and books, or crawling inside and hiding from the parents.

Custom kids room shelves

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Two Spaces In A Building Transformed Into One Multi-Level Apartment

Haptic Architects have transformed two spaces in a 19th century apartment building in Oslo, Norway, into one multiple level loft apartment.

Idunsgate Loft Apartment by Haptic Architects

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Before And After – A Parking Garage In Kentucky Gets A Facelift

Pohl Rosa Pohl have designed a vibrant new facade for a parking garage in Lexington, Kentucky.

Helix Garage by Pohl Rosa Pohl

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A New A Cave-Like Building For Dutch Gold Dealers

Liong Lie Architects collaborated with Leaders against routine to design the Gold souk, a cave-like building that has retail space for 29 gold dealers and goldsmiths in Beverwijk, The Netherlands.

Gold souk by Liong Lie Architects and Leaders against routine

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