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House at a Lake by BBSC Architects

BBSC Architects designed this house at a lake in Belgium.


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Frozen By a Thousand Blessings by Kalliopi Vakras Architects

Kalliopi Vakras Architects have designed a frozen yoghurt store in Doncaster, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.


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Ritto House by Alts Design Office

Alts Design Office have recently completed the Ritto house in Shiga, Japan.


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The VDVT House by Boetzkes | Helder

Boetzkes | Helder designed the VDVT House in Arnhem, The Netherlands.


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Hazukashi House by Alts Design Office

Alts Design Office have recently completed the Hazukashi House in Kyoto, Japan.


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The T House by Tanju Özelgin

Tanju Özelgin has designed the interiors for a house in Istanbul’s Bosphorus district.


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The Naked House by Marc Gerritsen

Architect Marc Gerritsen has designed a home for himself in Koh Samui, Thailand.


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The Alnwick Road House by Park + Associates

Park + Associates designed the Alnwick Road House, located in Singapore.


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Pearl Beach House by Porebski Architects

Porebski Architects have designed a house for a family in Pearl Beach, Australia.


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Lakeside Retreat by Lake|Flato Architects

Lake|Flato Architects designed a home as a weekend retreat in Marble Falls, Texas.


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Umo Japanese Restaurant by Estudi Josep Cortina

Estudi Josep Cortina has designed the Umo Japanese Restaurant as part of Hotel Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain.


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Google Amsterdam by D/DOCK

D/DOCK have designed the offices for Google in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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Fitzroy Residence by Carr Architecture

Carr Architecture have completed the contemporary renovation of a family home, located in Melbourne, Australia.


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Berkshire Pond House by David Jay Weiner

Architect David Jay Weiner has designed the Berkshire Pond House in Becket, Massachusetts.


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Bucktown Three by Studio Dwell Architects

Studio Dwell Architects designed the Bucktown Three residence in Chicago.


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