15 Top A’ Architecture Design Award Winners

October 15, 2022
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Oriental Movie Metropolis Theater Exhibition Hall by Shanxing Gao. Photography by Wu qingshan studio. Find out more here.

A’ Design Award and Competitions are organized and awarded annually in 100 different categories that include: Good Industrial Design Award, Good Architecture Design Award, Good Product Design Award, Good Communication Design Award, Good Service Design Award and the Good Fashion Design Award. You can see all of the award categories – here.

Haus Am See Residential House by Carlos Zwick Architekten BDA. Photography by Jose Campos. Find out more here.

The A’ Architecture, Building and Structure Design Competition is a specialized design competition open to both concept stage and realized architectural projects, urban design projects and buildings designed by architects, architecture offices, real estate developers and construction companies worldwide.

Skyboat Cafe and WalkOn Glass by Xin Yuan. Photography by Li Jin. Find out more here.

Let’s have a look at some more of the winning architecture projects from the last awards…

Tiangang Art Center Gallery by Syn Architects. Photography by Zheng Yan. Find out more here.
Slab Hill Lifestyle Lab by Greentown China Holdings Limited. Photography by LI YI, MZ STUDIOS. Find out more here.
Beach Cabin on the Baltic Sea Hospitality by Peter Kuczia. Photography by Alek Pluta. Find out more here.
Dahua Park City Exhibition by Shanghai Puspace Architectural Design Co. Photography by ARCHITRANSLATOR, 10 STUDIO. Find out more here.
Nanning Tanjing Display Center by Shanghai PTArchitects. Photography by Yuan Yang. Find out more here.
Rice Wine Town Reception Room Cultural Exhibition by Wei Zhang and Kesuo Wu – gad. Photography by Li Yao. Find out more here.
The Farmhouse Residential Architecture by Boguslaw Barnas. Photography by Rafal Barnas. Find out more here.
Xi’an Qujiang Art Center Exhibition Hall by Xiaoxia Wang – gad. Photography by Shiromio Studio. Find out more here.
37 Interactive Entertainment HQ Highrise Building by Guowei Zhang. Photography by GWP Architects. Find out more here.
Chengdu NBD Centre Architecture by Wai Tang and Kelvin Chu. Image by SAN and QUAD. Find out more here.
Nam Kwong Diehu Center Complex by Peng Architects. Photography by Peng Architects. Find out more here.
Jiangnan No.1 Courtyard Exhibition Hall by Wei Zhang – gad. Photography by Yi Fan. Find out more here.

To be part of the A’ Design Award and Competition you can register – here. Learn more about A’ Design Award and Competition – here. See more award winning designs – here.

The winners and results will be announced to the public and posted on CONTEMPORIST on April 15th, 2023.