Before & After – This 1970s Staircase Was Replaced With A Modern Design

October 6, 2020
A 1970s curved wood staircase replaced by a modern black steel, glass, and wood staircase.

RZ Interiors together with a Toronto-based property developer, have transformed a 1970’s era home and completely reimagined it for contemporary living.

As part of the renovation, the original 1970s staircase with its curved wood form and mirrored wall was replaced as it’s the first thing people see when they arrive at the house. Here’s what it looked like before the remodel.

A 1970s staircase with a curved design and mirrored wall.

A new and much more contemporary staircase now complements the updated bright white interior. The stairs showcase floating treads, modern wall paneling, and a glass and steel handrail that creates transparency and allows plenty of natural light to fill the main floor.

Modern stairs with a black steel frame, floating treads, modern consistent wall paneling, and a glass and steel handrail.

Another design element of the new stairs is the black steel support. This contrasting frame catches the eye and adds drama to the interior.

A modern staircase with a black steel support and floating light wood treads.
Photography by Ryan Fung Photography