A’ Design Awards & Competition – Standard Submissions

July 24, 2020
A Design Award & Competition
This article has been brought to you by A’ Design Award and Competition.

A’ Design Award & Competition is the Worlds’ leading design accolade reaching design enthusiasts around the world, and showcasing the 2087 award winners from 104 different design disciplines.

A’ Design Award winning works are translated to all major languages in order to connect design lovers, press members and design buyers from across the globe. You can register your design, here.

A modern wood kitchen stool with an upholstered cushion.
Coupe Kitchen Stool by Nagano Interior Industry Co.,Ltd. Find out more here.

The A’ Design Award and Competition offers a unique system for designers to sell their winning ideas to sponsor companies, likewise the companies can bid for the competing design ideas and make offers to buy the designs. To see the benefits for winners – click here.

A modern upholstered armchair.=.
Infinity Armchair by Natalia Komarova. Photography by Natalia Komarova. Find out more here.

The system also provides an online exhibition system and creates free profile pages for designers, innovators and companies, this system is always on and whether you win or not, you will have full access to the system.

A modern packaging design for wine bottles in the shape of a mountain.
Bancheng Longyin Mountains White Wine Bottles by Yuejun Chen. Find out more here.

This is an interactive system where you can write your biography or corporate profile, create an extensive online portfolio by adding additional designs and exhibit new designs or products.

A modern white and wood bedside table.
Brise Table Furniture Plus Fan by Wonho Lee. Photography by Wonho Lee. Find out more here.

A’ Design Award and Competitions are organized and awarded annually in a wide range of over 100 categories that include: Good Industrial Design Award, Good Architecture Design Award, Good Product Design Award, Good Communication Design Award, Good Service Design Award and the Good Fashion Design Award. You can see all of the award categories – here.

A modern building with a curved roof.
HK Port Passenger Clearance Building Facility by Aedas. Photography by Aedas. Find out more here.

Some of the benefits you will receive as winner of the ‘A Design Award and Competition is the inclusion in the exhibition and yearbook, receive publicity through an extensive PR campaign (magazine and blog promotion), be included in the world design rankings, receive feedback notes by the Jury and score sheet.

A modern liquid fuel candle.
Liquid Fuel Candle by Mohammad Meyzari. Photography by Parisa Deris Asl, Render, 2019. Find out more here.

You will also receive an awards trophy, and the option to sell your winning design and sales listings.

A modern house with sharp angles.
Z Line House Private Residential by Revano Satria. Photography by Fernando Gomulya Photography. Find out more here.

Not to mention that you will also receive two invitations to the gala night event. See a list of all of the prizes – here.

A modern weekend getaway house on poles.
House On Pipes Weekend Getaway by Nagendra R and Raghunandan G. Photography by Praveen Mohandas. Find out more here.

Entries will be judged by an international jury panel of academics, design professionals and members of the press.

A modern apartment building with offset balconies.
Borgio Verezzi Residential Bulding by Alberto Torres. Photography by Alberto Torres. Find out more here.

To be part of the A’ Design Award and Competition you can register – here.
Learn more about A’ Design Award and Competition – here.

A public swimming pool with an angular wood ceiling.
Termalija Family Wellness Swimming Pools by Enota. Photography by Miran Kambic. Find out more here.

The deadline for regular submissions is September 30, 2020, with the winners and results announced to the public and posted on CONTEMPORIST on May 1st.

A picture window that shows the interior of a hostel.
The Peach Garden Hostel Homestay by Chao Zhou. Photography by Yan Chen. Find out more here.
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