A’Design Award announce their World Design Rankings

January 9, 2017

A’Design Award announce their World Design Rankings

This article has been brought to you by A’Design Awards.


A’Design Award and Competition have released their World Design Rankings (WDR) in Arts, Architecture and Design, with the United States once again taking first place among the 88 represented countries in 2016, with 396 design awards won globally.

The rankings, based on the number of designers awarded the A’ Design Award, were slightly different than last year with the Top 10 shifting and the addition of 5 new countries.


A’Design Award announce their World Design Rankings

In the Top 10, the US and Turkey held the top two positions; China moved up from 5th to 3rd, putting Hong Kong and Italy each a spot lower than last year; and Greece was bumped from the list as Taiwan soared from 16th to 6th.

Five new countries were added to the list including Montenegro, Malta, Liechtenstein, Azerbaijan, Georgia coming in at 86, 87, 88, 77, and 76 respectively.


If you are interested in discovering more of the top designers, artists and architects, regardless of the design discipline, you can find the individual and overall rankings of all designers, artists and architects at the Designer Rankings website – here.

You can also find more information on how to register for the A’Design Award and Competition – here. Let’s take a look at some of the previous winners.

This standalone kitchen is named the Kitch' T® Compact Kitchen, and it was created by dsignedby.

Kitch’ T® Compact Kitchen by dsignedby. Photographer Mirko Nahmijas


This design of this white ceramic vase was inspired by peacocks.

PEACOCK VASE Flower Vase by Steve Lee for Aprilli. Floral artististry by Jennifer McGarigle. Photography by Noel Bass

This wooden coffee table features carved sections that look like water droplets.

Drops Coffee Table by Jeffrey A Day. Photography by Kevin Fry

This red armchair named the Zip Armchair has been designed by edeestudio for B&V.

Zip Armchair by edeestudio for B&V. Photography by B&V

This wooden ebike was designed by aceteam

Wooden ebike by aceteam. Photography by Matthias Broda, aceteam, 2015.

This office designed by dECOi architects features curvaceous wooden details.

One Main Office by dECOi architects. Photography by dECOi architects & Anton Grassl

This contemporary wooden house is named the Mountain House and it has been designed by David Guerra.

Mountain House by David Guerra. Photography by Jomar Braganca.

Mercurio Design Lab have designed this home named Villa Mistral.

Villa Mistral by Mercurio Design Lab. Photography by CI&A Photography

This art installation is named Treeplets Public Leisure and has been desigend by Joao O & Rita Machado of Impromptu Projects

Treeplets Public Leisure by Joao O & Rita Machado of Impromptu Projects. Photography courtesy of Impromptu Projects

Feeling butterfly Wearable Art by Meiyi Cheung

Feeling butterfly Wearable Art by Meiyi Cheung. Photography by Meiyi Cheung.

This light art installation is named the Lightscape Pavilion and has been designed by MisoSoupDesign

Lightscape Pavilion by MisoSoupDesign. Photography by Daisuke Nagatomo.

The PONE Transparent Shell Exhibition Space designed by PONE ARCHITECTURE

PONE Transparent Shell Exhibition Space by PONE ARCHITECTURE. Photography by PONE ARCHITECTURE.

This artistic installation is named the Scroll Hut Pavilion, and it was designed by Hiroyuki Futai + EP3

Scroll Hut Pavilion by Hiroyuki Futai + EP3. Photography by Yuji Nakajima.

This article has been brought to you by A’Design Awards.