Alex Bender Has Designed A Collection Of Minimalist Leather Bags And Purses

June 15, 2017

These colorful, handmade genuine leather bags are in various sizes and shapes, and are modern in design.


Alex Bender, a Berlin based fashion designer has been creating colorful, handmade genuine leather bags of the same name. In various sizes and shapes these bags are modern in design, functional, and fashionable.

After high school, Alex attempted to learn how to sew from a seamstress company in the German countryside. Deciding that the company wasn’t right for her, Alex enrolled in school for fashion design.


This modern designer attempted to learn how to sew from a seamstress company in the German countryside. Deciding that the company wasn't right for her, she enrolled in school for fashion design.

Once fashion school was completed, Alex went to Australia for a year to practice her English and work for a small fashion label.

This modern green leather shoulder bag is the perfect size and easy to use.

Back in Germany, Alex noticed a small store dedicated to making leather bags. In a bold move, Alex went in and asked the owner if she could apprentice there. Here, Alex’s love of sewing returned and she made the first of her leather bags.

This modern yellow leather shoulder bag has a gold buckle in the front, and is large and modern in design

Up until six years ago Alex was making her leather goods on the side, while working as a seamstress during the day.

This modern beige leather hand clutch has textured detail and a gold button snap.

Once she left her day job, the Alex Bender line became her sole passion, and success soon followed behind her.

This modern white leather purse is small and light making it easy to throw over your shoulder.

Overtime, the Alex Bender line has expanded to two collections every year. One for summer / spring, and one for winter / fall.

This modern leather clutch is blush in color with a textured material.

The main source of Alex’s inspiration has been the city of Berlin, and the people that are there using various bags. The ways in which people use their purses and bags is very important in the design process, they must be easy to use and fashionable.

This modern yellow leather backpack has two large silver zippers, and a handle at the top.

Minimalist and functional in design, Alex Bender bags compliment any wardrobe.

This modern large grey leather bag has a pattern lining and is easy to use.