Balconies Made From Woven Wicker Adorn This Apartment Building In London

September 17, 2020
A brick building with steel window frames and protruding woven wicker balconies.

Architecture firm GROUPWORK designed a small apartment building in London, England, that has protruding balconies made with woven wicker.

Woven wicker balconies protrude from a brick apartment building.

The balconies, which are made from woven wicker that wrap around a steel and wood frame, have been included in the design of the building to soften the overall material palette of brick and steel.

A protruding balcony made with a steel frame covered in woven wicker.

The multiple protruding balconies, which are large enough for dining, are alternated in their location to allow the neighbors to interact with each other, as there’s no other communal space for them to do so.

Woven wicker and wood balconies are designed for people to interact with each other.