A Built-In Cactus Garden Replaces The Need For Potted Plants In This Apartment

August 25, 2020
A built-in planter makes room for an indoor garden that features cactus

In this apartment by DDAA inc., the designers decided to express their commitment to bringing nature inside by building a custom cactus planter by the windows.

An indoor built-in planter filled with cacti.

The planter, which is raised up from the floor to meet the windows, has a curved design that allows for the inclusion of the cactus garden.

By positioning the planter along the windows, the plants are able to take in the sunlight, and as cactus require minimal attention, the small garden satisfied the client’s request for low-maintenance plants.

A cacti garden has been included in a built-in indoor planter.

The built-in planter extends along the entire wall that leads from the living room to the bedroom, and due to the design, it can also be used as a shelf for displaying decor items.

A built-in cacti planter extends to act as a shelf.
Photography by Kenta Hasegawa | Architects: DDAA inc. | Project Team: Daisuke Motogi, Yousuke Itoh, and Kazuya Sumida | Planting Design: Qusamura | Construction: Kogazo