Combining Stone And Black Metal To Create A Contemporary House

January 3, 2020
A summer house with black metal accents that contrast the stone walls.

Architect Chiara Armando has designed a contemporary summer house on the island of Crete, for POLYERGO.

A stone house with black metal accents.

The house features an exterior of stone that’s been accented by the use of black metal that protrudes away from the house.

Black metal accents contrast the stonework of this contemporary house.

The black metal accents of the house also provide a contrasting element for the home, and at the same time, shades the interior from the sun.

Black metal accents add a contrasting element to a contemporary summer house on the island of Crete.
Photography by Vasileios Thanopoulos and Vasileios Mathioudakis | Architectural Design Team: Arch. Chiara Armando – Arch. Vittoria Spinoni | Interior design: Arch. Chiara Armando | Construction: POLYERGO | Engineering: Stavros Polychronakis – POLYERGO | Landscape: Arch. Chiara Armando – Agronomist Vasiliki Chatzidaki | Collaborators: Custom –  made furnishing, Pesvanti K. Sons I.K.E