A Collection Of Espresso Cups Designed With Unique Decorative Swirls

May 12, 2017

This modern ceramic espresso cup has a matte grey black swirl pattern.


Zuzana Holanova, owner of bisqit, a porcelain studio based in Prague, has a collection of ceramic espresso cups called “Smoke.”

The collection has pieces in a number of sizes and colors but each item is meant to represent the unique and fleeting movements of wisps of smoke.


These modern ceramic espresso mugs have a matte swirl pattern.

The handmade pieces are created by melting pigments directly into the porcelain and stoneware to create a slightly different look each time.

This modern espresso cup has a matte cream grey and white swirl pattern.

The espresso and coffee cups are glazed with a shiny finish on the exterior and interior or can be left unglazed to leave the cups with a matte finish.

These modern glossy espresso cups are white grey black and cream colored.

All of the pieces are fired at extremely high temperatures and because the pigment is melted straight into the porcelain, all the pieces are dishwasher and microwave friendly.

This modern grey and white espresso cup is shiny on the inside and matte on the outside.