An Exterior Of Wood Siding Protects This Modern House In Canada

September 16, 2020
A modern house with a wood facade that's lit up with exterior lighting.

BLA Design Group together with Campos Studio, have recently completed a new house in Vancouver, Canada, that features a modern wood facade.

The house draws inspiration from the Craftsman homes that are found in Vancouver, with the ideas of the porch, cover, and textural facade becoming part of the design.

A modern house with a wood facade.

The light wood exterior reflects the climate and mood of the Pacific Northwest, with natural stained cedar cladding that’s been paired with a low maintenance metal roof.

A contemporary house with cedar cladding and a metal roof.

The color palette on the exterior of the house is echoed throughout the interior, creating a warm and inviting home.

Cedar, black metal, and glass are used to create a contemporary house design.
Photography: Andrew Latreille | Architects: BLA Design Group and Campos Studio | Design Team: Javier Campos, Regan Appleton, Jerry Liu, Jesse Basran | Contractor: Vantac Management