A Floating Room Divider Is Used To Display Artwork In This Apartment

September 9, 2020
A floating room divider that creates a place to display artwork.

DUBBELDAM Architecture + Design designed an apartment for an art lover in Toronto, Canada, who wanted a home that would showcase her collection of artifacts, art, and vintage modern furniture.

One solution the designers came up with for displaying the artwork, is a floating room divider.

A large floating room divider that's used to display artwork.

The large floating room divider is held in place with metal rods, with one side covered in a tapestry of plants, flowers, and butterflies, the other is home to even more artwork.

By using a floating room divider to display the artwork, it still keeps the apartment feeling open, and allows the natural light from the windows to filter through to other areas of the interior, unlike a full wall that would block the light completely.

A floating room divider that displays a large tapestry.
Photography by Shai Gil | Interiors: Dubbeldam Architecture + Design | Project Team: Heather Dubbeldam, Oliver Dang, Jacob JeBailey, Suzanna MacDonald