Folding Wood Doors Hide Plenty Of Built-In Storage In This Apartment

September 29, 2020
Folding doors hide storage areas in this bedroom.

asap/Adam Sokol Architecture Practice has designed an apartment in Beijing, China, that includes 132 folding wood doors that hide a variety of storage areas.

Folding doors surround the headboard in this bedroom and open to reveal storage.

Featured throughout the apartment, the doors hide different design elements such as bookshelves, storage areas, and TVs.

A wall of storage is hidden behind folding wood doors.

In the bedrooms, the doors help to eliminate clutter, keeping the bedrooms organized and tidy.

Storage is hidden behind folding wood doors in this bedroom.

When the doors are closed, the headboards are eye-catching and provide a pop of color to the rooms.

Storage is hidden within cabinets that surround this bed and the red headboard.

In this bedroom, a deep red is used for the headboard, however, hidden within the storage is a back wall covered in orange.

A dark red headboard sits below cabinets with an orange backdrop.

In another room, the floor-to-ceiling doors hide shelving and drawers with a yellow background. The designers of the apartment chose to have the shelving and storage be concealed so that it would allow for a simple space with a serene, museum-like backdrop for artwork.

Shelving and drawers with a yellow backdrop are hidden within floor-to-ceiling wood doors.

If you’re interested in seeing more photos of this apartment, we’ve included them below.

A modern apartment with a bright red mural.
A modern hallway with plenty of light.
A modern white bathroom with penny tiles, hidden lighting, and curved built-in elements.
A white bathroom covered in penny tiles, that also has a built-in mirror and shelving niche.
A modern white bathroom with penny tiles and a built-in triangular bath.
A makeup desk with a hanging round mirror.
Photography by Jonathon Leijonhufvud | Design: asap/Adam Sokol Architecture Practice – Adam Sokol, AIA; Daymond Robinson, Gregory Serweta | Collaborators: Smith + Anderson (lighting design), Claudy Jongstra (textile design)