A Glass Enclosed Bedroom Allows Light To Travel Freely In This Small Apartment

August 4, 2020
A modern bedroom with glass walls.

João Nuno Macedo Architects has designed a small apartment in a student building in Portugal, that uses a glass wall to keep the interior bright.

The apartment has a matte light green kitchen that lines the wall opposite the bedroom, but it’s the glass wall with black frames that separates the bedroom from the rest of the apartment.

A glass enclosed bedroom with black frames allows light to travel from the bedroom through to the dining room and kitchen.

By using a glass wall, the natural light in from the window in the bedroom can travel through to the rest of the interior, and at the same time it helps to define the bedroom.

Floor to ceiling white curtains can be drawn at night or when privacy is needed, shielding the bedroom from view in the kitchen and dining room.

Floor to ceiling white curtains create privacy for a glass enclosed bedroom.
Photography by Ivo Tavares Studio | Architecture Firm: João Nuno Macedo Arquitectos