The Headboard Transitions Into A Desk To Create A Small Home Office In This Bedroom

September 17, 2020
A small home office has been built into the design of this curved headboard.

Habif Architects designed the interior renovation of a house in Istanbul, Turkey, where the bedroom has a headboard that transitions into a home office.

The bedroom features a dark grey headboard that matches the upholstered bed frame and bedding.

A modern bedroom with a grey color palette.

On the opposite side of the headboard, there’s a small curved desk design that perfectly lines up with the edge of the window curtains.

By having the desk behind the bed, it provides a dedicated area for a small home office. Also, by having the desk next to the window, it also provides natural light and a views of the surrounding area.

A modern curved headboard that transitions into a desk to create a small home office.
Photographs: Ibrahim Ozbunar | Architects: Habif Architects | Project Team: Hakan Habif, Setenay Erkul