A Layered Accent Wall With Indirect Lighting Creates A Glow Above The Headboard In This Bedroom

August 12, 2020
A modern bedroom with an accent wall made from multi-layered sections and hidden lighting

An accent wall in a bedroom is one way to introduce additional lighting. Designed by GFD, this modern bedroom within The Starry Center Show apartment, has a high ceiling that allowed for a tall accent wall to be created.

Using horizontal sections, the designers installed a multi-layer design that’s the same color as the walls on either side.

A bedroom accent wall with angled sections and hidden lighting.

Hidden within the angled multi-layered sections of the accent wall are strips of indirect lighting, adding a sense of calm and relaxation to the bedroom. The lights also help draw the eye upward to the high ceilings, making the room feel larger.

An accent wall with angled sections that also have hidden lighting that creates a soft glow.
Photography: YUJI Studio | Interior Design: GFD (Tel.: 0571-85304267) | Interior design coordination: Ye Fei | Chief interior designer: Liu Huaying | Interior design team: Jin Fangfang, Li Keli | Chief decoration designer: He Jianing | Decoration designer: Shen Dandan | Decoration execution firm: Qiandu Casa Co., Ltd.