LED Lighting Above And Below The Handrail Illuminates These Stairs

February 1, 2022
A modern handrail with hidden lighting that casts onto the wall and floor.

Designer Michele Marcon has created ‘Ottomano’, a minimalist wall light fixture that can also double a stair handrail.

A modern stair handrail with hidden lighting.

Designed for Italian company OLEV, the light is made from aluminum, and has an 8-sided ergonomic shape with a double light source from hidden LED’s, casting the light both above the handrail and below.

A modern staircase handrail designed with hidden LED lighting.

By having light cast from both directions, it ensures that the whole stairway is lit with glare-free illumination. Each fixture is also suitable for both indoors and outdoors, and is custom made, with the length adapted to the project’s specifications.

A minimalist handrail design that includes hidden LED lighting.

You can also watch a video of Michele Marcon talking about his design below.