The Little Bird Collection Is Minimalist Yet Bold

This colorful collection of wood bird figurines are minmalist and modern in design.


A piece of decor that never goes out of style is a set of adorable, minimalist wooden animals. The Little Bird collection of simple birds, presented by Normann Copenhagen and designed by Jan Christian Delfs, is no exception.

Inspired by the unique characters in the designer’s family, each bird comes in it’s own style and size. Each of the the colors are unique to the specific sizes, however the collection also comes in a solid oak range for a more uniform, classic look.


This decorative wood bird collection has a minimalist design and comes in a solid oak range for a more uniform, modern look.

With their exceptionally simple design and the inclusion of small black beaks, the figures hit the sweet spot of being completely recognizable and wonderfully minimal.

Simple in design with the inclusion of small black beaks, these modern wood bird figures hit wonderfully minimal.

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