Living Room Shelving Designed For Plants Instead Of Books

September 10, 2020
A wood living room wall with a fireplace and open shelves for small plants.

When David Ito Arquitetura designed the interiors of this apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they decided to include a wood wall with dedicated spaces for growing plants.

The custom-designed wood wall spans the living room, dining room, and kitchen, however, it’s the inclusion of open sections of the wall that make space for white planters that caught our attention.

Small planters sit on open shelves within a wood wall.

The white planters somewhat blend in with the white wall behind it, and lighting has also been included to create a soft glow that shows off the plants.

White indoor planters are highlighted by hidden lighting.
Photography by Maira Acayaba | Design by: David Ito Arquitetura | Team: David Ito, Martin Naf, Victor Hertel, Lucas Anghinoni, Victória Calil.