A Low Window Runs Along The Floor Of This House

August 13, 2020
A low window is included in the front wall and front door of this modern house.

A floor-level low window is a unique way of adding light to an interior without compromising privacy.

Architect Raz Melamed included a low window when he designed this new house in Israel.

A low window runs the length of the the front wall of this house.

The floor-level low window runs along the front wall of the house and also includes the front door. It creates a floating effect for the house. As there are neighbors on each side of the house, the low wall was added to allow for privacy for the open-plan interior.

A low window is included in the design of a front wall and the front door.

A small amount of natural light is able to pass through to the interior, highlighting the floor, while the low windows also provide a unique view of people’s feet as they walk past.

A low window provides views of peoples feet as they walk past.
Photography by Amit Geron