Metallic Bathroom Hardware And Accessories That Add A Luxurious Touch

January 11, 2020
Metallic bathroom hardware that adds a luxurious design element.

Metallic bathroom hardware, like these collections from Anthropologie, are one way that you can add a luxurious design element to your bathroom interior. Let’s take a look at at some of their designs.

1. The Streamline Collection

The Streamline Collection has a soft curve to its design. The brass finish suits a variety of bathroom styles and would complement any wall color.

This modern brass bathroom hardware collection includes a towel bar, wall hook, toilet paper holder, and towel ring.

2. The Elspeth Collection

The Elspeth Bathroom Collection includes a variety of hardware, like a towel bar, wall hooks, a toilet paper holder, and a towel ring. Made from bronze, each piece of the hardware collection includes a teak accent.

Modern metallic bathroom hardware made from bronze with a teak accent.

3. The Bridgette Collection

The delicate appearance of the Bridgette Collection is due to the brass finish. The collection includes a towel hook, towel bar, toilet paper holder, and a towel ring.

Modern metallic bathroom hardware with a brass finish.

There’s also a matching glass shelf for showcasing a few candles or holding soap.

Modern bathroom shelf that has a thick glass top and brass supports.

4. The Jardin Collection

A simple decorative motif allows the Jardin Collection to add an artistic element to any bathroom. Understated in its design, the delicate detail is accentuated by the mirrored background, that also contrasts the brass finish.

Metallic brass bathroom hardware with a delicate decorative motif.

5. The Alden Collection

If two-tone metallic finishes sounds interesting, the Alden Collection is just that. The collection, which includes a towel ring, wall hook, towel bar, and toilet paper holder, has a gold base, however there’s also a silver accent.

Modern metallic bathroom hardware with a gold brass and silver accent.

6. The Darwin Collection

The Darwin Collection has two-tone appearance that allows for the combining of the brass and silver finishes.

Modern metallic bathroom hardware that combines brass and silver finishes.