The Minimalist White Exterior Of This Modern House Opens To A Matching White Interior

October 20, 2020
A modern house with a white exterior, and a matching bright white interior.

Australian architecture and interior design firm studiofour, has designed a modern house in Glen Iris, a suburb of Melbourne.

The house has a white rendered exterior, with the front facade acting as a canvas, capturing the shadows and reflections of a large oak street tree.

A modern house with a white rendered exterior.

The entryway of the home is defined by a single full-height puncture to an otherwise blank facade. It also opens up to a long hallway that’s lined with windows, which provides a path through the interior garden and the swimming pool, and onto the main areas of the house.

A modern house with a white exterior, that also has a pivoting white front door.
A modern house with a window-lined hallway.
A modern house with a window-lined hallway.

The main social area of the house includes the open plan living room, dining room, and kitchen. The large windows provide views of the garden and pool, and at the same time, an abundance of natural light, which is reflected in the white interior.

A modern open plan interior with large windows, light floors, and white walls.
A modern living room with a wood coffee table and large windows.
A modern open plan interior with a large wood dining table and minimalist white kitchen.

Behind the kitchen is a pantry with shelving for spices, a countertop, and open drawers underneath. Also included in the same space as the pantry, is the laundry, which has a similar minimalist design as the home.

A modern white pantry with open shelves and drawers.
A modern white laundry room with sink, cabinets, and a place to hang clothes to dry.

Across the hallway and behind the fireplace in the living room, is a home office. Tucked into an alcove, it keeps the office out of view from the main living area and is large enough for two.

A modern home office for two in a small alcove.

In one of the bedrooms, the entire wall behind the bed is a window, making it feel like you’re sleeping under the trees, while a wall of cabinets provides plenty of storage.

A modern bedroom with a neutral color palette, and a floor-to-ceiling window.

A large window can also be found in the bathroom. Keeping with the modern white interior, there’s a simple vanity and a freestanding metal towel bar.

A modern white bathroom with a large window, minimalist white vanity, and metal towel rack.

Here’s a look at the floor plan of the house, which shows how the long hallway separates the living spaces from the front of the house.

The floor plan of a modern house.
Photography by Shannon McGrath | Architecture, landscaping and interiors: studiofour