Modern Cork Planters Are Great For Showing Off Succulents And Cacti

January 30, 2020
Modern cork tabletop and hanging planters for cacti and succulents.

Owner and designer Jenny Espirito Santo of Mind The Cork has created a collection of minimalist hanging and tabletop planters made from cork.

The collection includes a hanging planter as well as a variety of tabletop planters, some with color accents, and each handmade in her own studio or by small manufacturers she works with near London, England.

Modern round tabletop cork planters for cacti and succulents.

Being a sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable material, the natural cork Jenny uses for her planters is sourced directly from the harvesters in Portugal.

Modern hanging cork planter for cacti and succulents.

Harvesting cork doesn’t require the trees to be cut down, helping to maintain wildlife diversity and promote reforestation.

Modern tabletop cork planter with colorful accent for cacti and succulents.