A Mosaic Of Broken Marble Gives This Flooring A Unique Design

July 9, 2020
A mosaic marble floor in grey and white.

When creating the interiors of a townhouse in Moscow, Russia, Maxim Kashin Architects designed a space with a mosaic floor.

The smooth polished flooring is made up of marble pieces that have been installed in a mosaic pattern with contrasting dark grey concrete that complements the custom-designed furniture.

A smooth polished mosaic grey and white marble floor.

By using recycled white and light grey marble, the designers were able to add a sustainable element that’s also very durable. The smaller pieces also made it easy to create curved edges.

A modern grey and white marble floor with a polished finished.
Photography by Dmitry Chebanenko | Architects/designers: Maxim Kashin Architects | Project Manager: Yuriy Kirichenko | Designer team: Maxim Kashin, Natalya Karpova