Open Wood Shelving Helps Fill Out This TV Wall

July 7, 2020
A modern living room with open wood shelving that lines the wall and includes firewood storage.

Weber Arquitectos has designed a cabin in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, that features a large wall of open wood shelving in the living room.

The light wood shelving, which surrounds the TV and is the focal point of the living room, has a pair of cabinets and wood surfaces that are held in place by metal rods.

Open wood shelving supported by metal rods lines the wall in a modern living room.

Underneath the shelving is a low open cabinet that’s lined with steel, creating a space for firewood storage to feed the adjacent fireplace.

An open low cabinet lined with steel creates a place for firewood storage.

The shelves cover the entire wall, with the top of them visible from a second floor bedroom. The metal rods also follow the line of the ceiling, drawing attention to its slope.

A wall full of light wood shelves held in place by metal rods.
Photographer: Sergio López | Architect: Weber Arquitectos | Lead architect: Fernando Weber | Lead interior designer: Anina Schulte-Trux |Project management (architecture): Enrique Hernández González | Project management (interior design): Paola Pérez Hadad | Construction: Weber Arquitectos |Construction Management: Gerardo Vázquez Cisneros | Design team: Estefanía Romano, Fernanda Martínez, Ana Paula