Outdoor Cantilevered Stairs With A Backlit Handrail

September 6, 2020
A backlit handrail runs alongside cantilevered stairs.

Paulo Martins Arquitectura & Design completed a small house in the center of Portugal, that features a white exterior with cantilevered stairs and a backlit handrail.

The exterior stairs appear to float alongside the wall, while the handrail almost blends into its surroundings.

White cantilevered stairs with matching white handrail.

At night, the handrail has hidden lighting behind it that creates a soft glow, following the shape of the stairs and guiding people to the next level.

These cantilevered stairs have a matching handrail with hidden lighting.
Photography by Ivo Tavares Studio | Architect: Paulo Martins | Collaborator – Bruno Alvarinhas (Architect) | Engineers: R5 Engineers | Construction: Isolterm